About Us

Hey Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by! Let me introduce myself.  I am a wife, mom, homeschooling mom, owner of Poppy+Co Boutique, and lifestyle blogger at The Priceless Lifestyle.
       My love for fashion started when I was a little girl! Always dressing up for anything and everything. When I graduated high school I was headed to New York to work with fashion magazines and all my big dreams. God had different plans, and took us on a very different journey, which I have absolutely loved! But eventually, years later, I was "mommin' it" and busy with our other businesses and found myself lost. Someone asked me what my hobby was, and I was speechless. My heart sank. I had completely forgotten about myself while taking care of everyone else. If you know me at all though, when I realize what's really going on, I'm fiery and get things done! And that's what I did. 
         As we fast forward through a 2 year journey of self-care and the Lord bringing me an absolute amazing group of girlfriends, I began to see something come over the horizon. Something new. It's funny how we make our plans, but the Lord directs our steps. What I thought was going to be a high-profile, big time career life in fashion turned into a beautiful family with a firm foundation. Time with them I never would have had otherwise. And that prepared me for the present. A dream I've had for decades, to own my own boutique, and to eventually have my own clothing line.  His plans are always better than ours!  I hope to bring your dreams out in you with this lifestyle collection. For you to be you, even in the middle of life. Whether that be the big highlights, or in the mundane.  That you see you are valued, and to remember to take care of yourself as well. I hope to bring inspiration to you, your home, and your life.
You can find me at:
Samantha Price Instagram: thepriceless_life_style
Poppy+Co Instagram @poppycoboutique